Meditation Sundays Experience

Join me on the first Sunday of every month for this wonderful experience.

9am - 11am in Mapledurwell village (between Fleet & Basingstoke).

Replenish your mind, body & spirit with guided meditation, energy healing & a healthy plant-based breakfast.

What an amazing way to start every month!

Meditation gives us an opportunity to relax, quieten the mind, rest and replenish the body, and to receive both inspiration, guidance & healing.

Join me on the first Sunday of every month for this wonderful experience. I will use my intuitive abilities to guide you on a journey through meditation with energy healing to help cleanse, replenish, energise & heal your mind, body & spirit. This is an opportunity to restore peace and tranquility, a time to reflect, to receive inspiration and guidance, a time to heal.

Meditation is proven to help with many symptoms including reducing anxiety and stress, lowering blood pressure, improving circulation, lowering heart rate, increasing feelings of wellbeing, and so much more.

Energy Healing

During our meditations you will also receive energy healing which will continue helping you for some days. Your level of awareness of these energy healings will depend on your own intuitive abilities and experience with energy healing, but rest assured you will be receiving healing throughout and this will continue for a few days as your energy adjusts.

What to expect

Meditations will take place sitting in comfortable chairs with your feet flat on the floor. If you prefer to sit on the floor you are very welcome to, but this is not necessary. It is most important that you are comfortable & relaxed sitting upright.

You can wear any clothing that is comfortable to you and will not distract or discomfort you during the meditation.

My home in Mapledurwell offers a lovely environment for this experience, with views over the beautiful gardens. In the summer months we may take our meditations into the garden too.

Do I need meditation experience?

Any level of experience can enjoy the meditations and are welcome, however, these mornings are perfect for both beginners and those less experienced with meditations.

Am I committed to every month?

Not at all. This is a flexible booking system where you book your place on any of the available dates, as you would like. Spaces are limited, so it is advisable to book whilst spaces are available. Click on the button below to book your place.


After our guided meditation & energy healing we will enjoy a healthy plant-based breakfast and friendly conversation.

If you have any severe allergies (eg nuts) please let me know in advance, so I can ensure the breakfast is suitable for you.

Next Dates for your diary . . .

Click on the button below to see the full list of dates in 2020. We start at 9am and aim to finish for 11am, including breakfast.

Sunday 2nd February 2020
Sunday 8th March 2020
Sunday 5th April 2020


For this lovely Sunday morning meditation & healing experience to replenish your mind, body & spirit, including a healthy plant-based breakfast the cost is £25 per person.

Spaces are limited & must be booked in advance.

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