Akashic Records

An Intuitive reading within your Akashic Records can help offer you guidance and clarity on your next steps, together with healing any past experiences or connections which continue to negatively affect you.

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Claire’s Intuitive Gift

Within the last 10 years my natural Intuitive gifts have increased and I have spent many years learning and developing my connection with Spirit. The information which I receive for clients during these sessions amazes me every time & I feel truly humbled to be in a position to offer this service. To learn how these sessions can help see Intuitive Testimonials.

What are the Akashic Records?

Within the spiritual dimensions of the universe our collective experiences from our past & present lifetimes are stored in the ‘Akashic Records’ – also known as ‘The Book of Life’, ‘The Repository of Thought’, ‘The Hall of Knowledge’, ‘Book of Remembrance’ & the ‘Cosmic/Universal Collective’.

My intuitive gifts combined with my training enables me to offer Intuitive readings & healing within your Akashic Records.

How can an Intuitive Reading help me?

Accessing your Akashic records can bring immense clarity and confirmation to any questions you may have about your life. Upon accessing your Akashic Records, I will receive psychic visions from your Spirit Guides which are relevant to the situation you need help with, or any question you may have asked. During this time we also have the opportunity to heal or clear any trapped energy or past life connections which are negatively limiting your life experiences now.

To receive guidance from Spirit within your Akashic Records all I ask is that you have an open mind, and a willingness to reflect on the visions that are presented during your session in order to fully understand the message Spirit wish to convey to help you at this time. Sometimes the message is clear immediately, other times it becomes clearer as you reflect after the session.

What does an Intuitive Reading involve?

All of my Intuitive Readings are either via telephone, or via online Skype or Zoom link (audio or video). This helps me tune into Spirit in a meditation state whilst relaying to you what visions & guidance I am being presented with for you.

Spirit often communicate with symbols, like a story book with images, and therefore we may need to interpret these images so that you understand what message they wish for you to receive.

In some readings, I may visualise past life memories which are relevant to the client’s current life situation. Understanding this connection, together with healing any karmic ties between those involved, helps clear any blockages or limitations which are preventing you from moving forwards.

In all readings, Spirit choose what to show me, so that I can relay this to you. I can ask questions for you, I can ask for their guidance on specific issues you may like help with, and in all cases I will explain to you what I am being given to help you.


45 minute Intuitive Reading & Healing is £60.

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Testimonials of Intuitive Readings & Healing with Claire

This was an amazing experience . . .

I was unsure as to what to expect but Claire was both gentle and professional in the way she explained the process and got us started on it. Throughout the whole experience I felt Claire was being very honest about the images she was receiving and she explained it all in detail, giving me a really clear understanding of what she was seeing. Claire did not know what I was wanting help about, yet her reading very accurately reflected my situation. Some of the images clicked with me immediately, some things that were more symbolic made sense as I reflected on them afterwards. The healing that I was given during the reading felt lovely, it was exactly what I was needing and the healing process seemed to continue on for some time afterwards. I am so glad that I trusted my intuition enough to book an Akashic Reading with Claire – having now experienced it, I would certainly recommend it to others seeking spiritual guidance and healing.

CE, Surrey

This was such an incredible experience . . .

Just wanted to say thank you for such an incredible experience on 2nd October when you looked at my Akashic Records.This was a whole new thing for me and I was fascinated by what you saw.

From the way that you told my story, I was able to visualise what you saw, and through your explanations I understood the relevance of what was being said/shown. Initially, it didn’t make much sense to me, but as the story progressed and your depictions of scenes and people in those scenes, the links became clear – to the point where bonds were cut and healed.

You have incredible gifts Claire, and I am so grateful that I have found you at this time.

BD, Basingstoke

It has given me plenty of areas to help me to develop my business grow

Thank you for my reading today.

The content was very detailed for me and it has given me plenty of areas to help me to develop my business grow with my water element energy.

On a personal level, during the day my mind opened further and I was shown Archangel Gabriel with whom I’ve had a close link with since 2007. He has been patiently waiting for me to re-connect to complete my work as the flow has stopped due to me being busy with other things.

Now I know I have to start 2020 with finishing this work that is still waiting to be channelled. I am very pleased with everything that came through, and you’ve given me further validation that this energy is so very real!

JW, Farnborough

Incredible information and energy healing

My recent Akashic Records healing session was just amazing. Incredible information and energy healing. Thank you so much. I’d highly recommend Claire to everyone.

CG, Australia

Just what I needed to help me move forward

My reading with Claire was just what I needed to help me move forward after my husband’s death. Claire gently led me through a series of images and points of healing which were relevant to me and which have made a lasting difference to how I see the future unfolding. I would strongly recommend an Akashic records reading by Claire to anyone looking to answer important questions about their lives. 

CA, Cornwall

This really was invaluable to me and gave me confidence

I recently had an intuitive reading with Claire which involved her accessing my Akashic Records. She gave me a very detailed description of what she was seeing and feeling and was able to quickly get to the root of how I needed to apply myself to a specific issue in my life. Claire provided me with the tools I needed to make the necessary changes, without telling me what steps to take. This really was invaluable to me and gave me confidence moving forward. 

Lisa, Hampshire

It really was the most amazing healing experience

Thank you so much for the Intuitive Reading in my Akashic Records we did over the phone recently. It really was the most amazing healing experience and I can already see that so much has changed for me because of it. I feel truly blessed that I have found my way to you. Thank you for sharing the incredibly special gifts you have.

CP, Surrey