Chakra Balance

Cleanse, heal and restore balance and harmony to your Chakra energy centres.

Our energy system has a series of seven main Chakras which are located down the mid-line of our physical body in the following order:

– Crown Chakra (Purple, White or Gold)
– Third Eye Chakra (Indigo)
– Throat Chakra (Blue)
– Heart Chakra (Green or Pink)
– Solar Plexus (Yellow)
– Sacral Chakra (Orange)
– Root or Base Chakra (Red).

Throughout our lives these energy centres can become blocked leading to disharmony and illness.

It is helpful to cleanse and re-charge our Chakra energy centres regularly to maintain the flow of energy enabling harmony & balance.


During your appointment, I will use my Intuitive gifts to determine which Chakras require attention within your energy system, and together we will use a channelled visualisation meditation to cleanse and recharge your Chakras. I will also facilitate remote Reiki healing of your Chakra system to restore harmony and balance. This healing will continue after the consultation as the energy work settles.

All Chakra Cleansing appointments are via Skype, Zoom or Telephone.

Price: £60

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