Hi and welcome! My name is Claire French. I am an experienced Classical Homeopath & Intuitive and I am passionate about helping families heal naturally. 

Are you exhausted and would love to increase your energy and motivation? Living with ongoing physical symptoms that just won’t shift? Perhaps you are struggling emotionally and would like to get back the ‘real’ you again, that used to feel much happier? Maybe you are looking for a safe, natural way to help your children’s health? Do you wonder if a food sensitivity may be affecting you or your children’s health? If any of these sound like you, then this is my area of expertise and I would love to help you.

I offer Homeopathy appointments (& optional food testing) for Adults & Children from my clinic between Fleet & Basingstoke in Hampshire. Telephone & Skype appointments are available world-wide.

I also offer Intuitive Readings & Healing which can help bring you clarity & guidance on your next steps in life. Since I first discovered my intuitive abilities 11 years ago, I have been on a journey to learn as much as I can about Spiritual gifts, wisdom, teachings and the universal energy that affects everything in the world, including our health.  I love sharing my knowledge and helping teach others how to connect to their own inner wisdom so they can live a more fulfilled life understanding that everything happens for a reason, and they are always being guided.

For my Holistic Workshops & Meditations on Sundays, see below for next dates.

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